best road wheels for a heavy rider

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best road wheels for a heavy rider

Post by stevec on Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:39 pm

Hi all , I will be asking the lads at aero cycles but also wanted to widen the audience with other peoples views. I'm a heavy rider of 17stone, had enough of my standard wheels busting so looking to upgrade to a wheelset that can handle my weight. Not knowing to much about what's out there I've had a look and the suggestion is that I should be looking for a wheel with at least 32 spokes , possible hand but but on the other hand other reviews suggest the likes of shimano rs30 or mavic Aksium are good which both have lower spoke count ( I guess the rims are stronger build etc ) .

so just seeing what's people views / experiences are ? As for pricing nothing more than 200/250 for wheel set.


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